and that sweet baby
of yours turned one. 

You'll blink again and 5 years will pass when it'll only feels like a short moment. Children grow and change way too fast, as you already know.
Me, I'll help you hold on to your child's fleeting moment or milestone so that it doesn't become a distant memory. At the end of your experience, you'll have tangible prints, framed portraits, canvases or albums you'll treasure now, and 50+ years from now.

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Children's Portrait Photographer
in Groton, Connecticut

An Easy, Stress-Free Experience

As a mom of 3, I understand that a portrait session may not easily fit into mom life. If you add picking outfits, finding shoes, ordering prints, choosing frames or designing an album to the mix... that takes more time and effort. The good news for you is that I'm a full service photographer, meaning I handle this all for you. I'll guide you and take care of the logisitics... you just bring your beautiful babies! 

I got your back!

I got your back!

My Session Guide includes clothing tips so you'll know what photographs best. My sessions include complimentary access to my studio wardrobe, 6mo-12yrs, from head to toe.

Where do I print their portraits?

You don't have to worry about where's the best place to print your portraits. I don't give you the digitals and have you fend for yourself. At the end of your experience you'll enjoy premium prints & wall art, signature albums and keepsakes from professional labs. 

What if my kids won't cooperate?

My sessions are never rushed, and I don't book back to back because I know how children can be. I'm great with children and good at getting them comfortable. There will be plenty of time to take if they need to warm up or settle down a bit.

My child just scratched their face

That's when it always happens, right? Just before an important event lol. Don't let that hold you back. I'll make those scratches, bumps and dings disappear in Photoshop. 

-Candace Reppond

"We are so thankful for these captured moments of our kids!"

"Sabrina is great at what she does and it shows from the second she greets you. She immediately helped my son to feel comfortable so we could get the best shots
of him. 

Sabrina is extraordinary!!!

My daughter had so much fun posing - I've never seen her so happy and comfortable doing so. Sabrina is so kind, so talented and very professional! she will definitely be my go to photographer moving forward & I highly suggest - yours too!

- Jovanna

Crafting Your Dream Session

Drop me a line or two and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. When you're ready to book, my session fee is required to put you on my calendar.  Together we'll work to make your experience a literal memorable experience for you and your child!

Step one: Reach out

Get ready for a laid back & fun filled session. I'll spend a moment getting them comfortable and confident before going in front of the camera. I'll guide them through both posed and candid shots... capturing their real smiles and  true emotions.

Step 2: Picture Day!

After the session, enjoy a provided lunch or snacks while you preview your child's portraits. Select & purchase what you love. Your selected portraits will later go through my editing and retouching process in Photoshop. In about a week you'll get to see and approve the finished portrait(s) digitally before I send them off to my lab for printing and production!

Step 3: Choose what you love

Step 4: Portraits are in!

In about 3-4 weeks, I'll receive your order and overlook it all to make sure it's up to my lab's own standards and mine. I'll shoot you a call/text and I'll either deliver locally to you, or you can stop by the studio to pick up your order! 

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Hi  Mama!

I'm Sabrina. A boy mom of 3, a plumbers wife, an award winning photographer, a child negotiator and a creative to my core. To keep this short, I love kids and I love portrait photography... so I feel like I have the best job ever. To get to know me a little better...  


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My portrait sessions are limited and I only take on a few clients per month to give the proper attention and care to you and each client. Go ahead and reserve your spot if you don't want to pass on capturing this moment of theirs! 

My TOP 6 tips you can do to help your child have a successful portrait session!

6 Tips to Help Prep Your Child For Their Session.

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sabrina olenik


Sabrina Olenik is an award winning children's photographer in Connecticut. She provides her clients with tangible heirloom portraits that honors the individuality and preserves the spirit of their beautiful children.








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